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Noun1.Bradypodidae - a family of edentates comprising the true sloths
mammal family - a family of mammals
suborder Xenarthra, Xenarthra - armadillos; American anteaters; sloths
tree sloth, sloth - any of several slow-moving arboreal mammals of South America and Central America; they hang from branches back downward and feed on leaves and fruits
Bradypus, genus Bradypus - type genus of the Bradypodidae: three-toed sloths
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Order/Family Scientific Name Common Name Method 2008 DIDELPHIMORPHIA Didelphidae Didelphis Common Opossum VC marsupialis Micoeurus regina Mouse Opossum VC PILOSA Bradypodidae Bradypus variegatus Three-toed Sloth VC Megalonychidae Choloepus spp.
Estudar animais da familia Bradypodidae, no que diz respeito a sua morfologia, significa voltar na historia da evolucao dos desenhos corporais.
El oso perezoso de tres dedos (Bradypus variegatus) es una de las especies mas representativas de la familia Bradypodidae.
Furthermore, though we could not induce hind-leg autotomy (trials terminated after 60 s, by which time a predator might have succeeded in trapping the animal) in most individuals of the largest orthopterans included in our study (Anostostomatidae, Pyrgomorphidae, Bradypodidae and Acrididae), most individuals we tested kicked vigorously with their spined back legs and turned to bite the restraining forceps (Table 1).