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A city of northwest Portugal north-northeast of Porto. A major ecclesiastical center since the Christian reconquest of the city from the Moors in the 11th century, it is the seat of the archbishop and primate of the Roman Catholic Church in Portugal.


(Portuguese ˈbrɑːɡə)
(Placename) a city in N Portugal: capital of the Roman province of Lusitania; 12th-century cathedral, seat of the Primate of Portugal. Pop: 164 193 (2001). Ancient name: Bracara Augusta


(ˈbrɑ gə)

a city in N Portugal: an ecclesiastical center. 63,033.
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Noun1.Braga - an ancient city in northern Portugal
Portugal, Portuguese Republic - a republic in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; Portuguese explorers and colonists in the 15th and 16th centuries created a vast overseas empire (including Brazil)
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Though Braga only hosted two first-round matches in Euro 2004, its new stadium provided the most memorable architectural image of the summer, and its part in the life of the city will grow and evolve well beyond the tournament.
The first entry made by the scrivener for the town of Braga in northern Portugal, on Saturday, 5 February 1569, refers to a petition before the municipal council from Ilena Piriz.
As the 1985 classic Kiss of the Spider Woman returns to theaters, SONIA BRAGA talks about falling in love with a woman, gay men's fantasies, and her secret Sex and the City role
Brazilian Father Oto Campos Braga was a priest who worked to rehabilitate drug addicts at the Santo Antonio de Guaras Parish in Rio de Janeiro.
Braga was involved in the recovery of drug addicts at Santo Antonio de Guarus, his parish in the Campos diocese in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
Braga to Vice President of Manufacturing wherein he will lead the company's facility preparation for its upcoming FDA inspection and the GMP manufacture of ArteFill(R).
BRUNO MOREIRA bagged a brace in Pacos Ferreira's 3-1 win at Arouca eight days ago and he looks worth a small each-way bet at 13-2 to notch first in tonight's home Primeira League clash with Braga, writes Max Oram.
was by HARRY ALLEN HASSAN AYARI'S journey froNew York to TW Braga has provwell worthwhile after he scorthe winning goal in a match thwas crucial to the U13 title racHassan was unaware his dad watching the game from the Big Apple via Skype through Apple iPad.
Morgan s David Braga as its new chair before current chair Pierre Jond s departure in December.
Dubai: Brazilian club Fluminense are denying that their coach Abel Braga is on the verge of joining the UAE's back-to-back league title winners Al Ain.
GROUP H PW D L F APts ManUtd 54 019512 Galatasaray 52 12 5 5 7 Cluj 5212877 Braga 51 046113 RESULTS: ManUtd 1 Galatasaray 0, Braga 0 Cluj 2, Cluj 1 ManUtd 2, Galatasaray 1 Cluj 1, ManUtd 3 Braga 2, Cluj 1 Galatasaray 3, Braga 1 ManUtd 3, Galatasaray 1 ManUtd 0, Cluj 3 Braga 1.
It took less than two minutes for them to fall behind from Braga striker Alan, who doubled their lead before two goals from Hernandez and one from Jonny Evans sealed the comeback.