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 (brə-găn′zə) also Bra·gan·ça (-gäN′sä)
A dynasty of Portuguese rulers (1640-1910) who also controlled Brazil (1822-1889).
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Our data support the findings of Schofield and Braganza of different reaction kinetics for ascorbate, uric acid, and albumin.
Leopoldine was the great-granddaughter of Maria Theresia, daughter of Francis I, sister of Marie Louise who married Napoleon, and wife of Pedro of Braganza, successor to the throne of the united kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and Algarbia.
Neville Braganza Marketing Manager, Intelledox Email: marketing@intelledox.
8220;What once was either the employer paid for the insurance or the employee went out of pocket, we are seeing the prototype of a new age of benefits with the help of companies like mine,” relayed Barry Braganza of Silver Lining Benefits.
President Aquino sent Hernani Braganza, former mayor of Alaminos, Pangasinan, to talk with CPP founding chairman Jose Maria Sison and NDF head Luis Jalandoni in the Netherlands in 2013, a source told Gulf News.
BEAT IT: "Try doing some gentle touch-your-toes stretches," advised personal trainer Ramona Braganza.
Meanwhile, Isaac Yaqob received an award for 19 years service, Jason Savio Braganza for 18 years, Geena Thomas for 17 years, Mohammed Nawas for 16 years, Shoba S for 15 years, Kailash Buddo and Rosemarie P for 14 years, Kunahmed P, Baqer Isa and S Najeeb Al Hussaini for 13 years, Haifa Oun for 12 years, Sai Kumar, Mahmood Abdali and Mohammed Mushaima for 11 years, and Mary Grace L and Hassan Saleh for 10 years.
Shortlisted candidates included The Oberoi director of marketing and communications Alisha Arora, Marriott Marquis City Centre Doha PR & marketing manager Carol Braganza, Atlantis, The Palm Dubai, sales director Ryan Coffey, and InterContinental Jeddah sales manager Saber Merry.
Guitarist Tolentino "Tolo" Fernandes, keyboardist Lynette Braganza, bassist and vocalist Santan Fernandes and drummer Anurag Tripathi, like so many other musicians in Dubai, subsidise their passion for performing by holding nine-to-five careers in advertising, IT and beyond.
Many statisticians, out of frustration, have left cricket [ for lack of encouragement]," Braganza told M AIL T ODAY .
The film was produced by Angelo Braganza of Goa Folklore Productions.
It was actually Charles II's Portuguese wife, Catherine of Braganza, who truly popularised tea-drinking in England, when she arrived at Hampton Court Palace after a stormy ocean voyage from her homeland in 1662 and asked for a cup of tea as a means by which to cure her seasickness.