Brahman bull

(Zool.) the male of a variety of the zebu, or Indian ox, considered sacred by the Hindus.

See also: Brahman

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The highest price was N$68,000, from Mr J Jacobs for a Brahman bull of Mecki Schneider.
Other special projects have included a full-sized Clydesdale horse, a Brahman bull and country singer Garth Brooks.
Justus Tjirimuje exhibited the champion bull, in the formof his Red Brahman bull, Red Rock, while Albert Tjihero (Jr) walked away with the prize for the Champion of Champions cow.
The Brahman bull fetching the highest price was bought by Michael Seefeldt for N$60,000, with a total of 8 Brahman bulls selling for an average N$35,125.
Lared Smoke, a three-year old Brahman Bull from the Lared Stud of Danie and Elsa Botes was crowned Southern Africa Breedplan Bull for 2011 in Bloemfontein last Thursday at a gala event to mark the high point of the Bloemfontein Agricultural Show.
Fourty-five Brahman bulls were sold for an average of N$34,956 and a highest price of N$63,000, paid by AP de Jager for a bull of Hagen Eggert.
The purpose of this work was to compare the performance of different crossbred animals upon a base of Brangus 3/8 females crossbred with Brangus 3/8 Brahman and Angus bulls, and Brahman female crossbred with Brahman bulls.
J&R Farms also reneged on buying a one-half breeding interest in six Red Brahman bulls and bull semen for the sum of $121,950, the lawsuit said.
The Brahman bulls are here to take part in a bullfighting competition.
Progeny were an equal mixture of steers and heifers produced by crossing Angus or Brahman bulls on AngusxBrahman or BrahmanxAngus F1 cows, or by crossing Angusx Brahman or BrahmanxAngus F1 bulls on Angus or Brahman cows.
In 1981, Walter Eckman entered into a business arrangement with Emzy and Ava Barker, owners of Brushy Creek Custom Sires, which boarded Brahman bulls and brokered the sale of bull semen.
We are pleased that the court realized that when damage awards are dramatically reduced on appeal, the sensible thing to do is give the jury an opportunity to reconsider the amount of attorneys' fees in light of that reduction," said Busby, who represented Emzy and Ava Barker, owners and operators of Brushy Creek Custom Sires, a business that boarded and provided other services for Brahman bulls.