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Any of several ancient Hindu religious prose texts that explain the relationship of the Vedas to the sacrificial ceremonies.

[Sanskrit Brāhmaṇam, from neuter of brāhmaṇa-, brahminical; see Brahman.]


(Hinduism) Hinduism any of a number of sacred treatises added to each of the Vedas
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Noun1.Brahmana - prose works attached to the Samhitas instructing the bahmins to perform the very elaborate sacrificial rituals
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While there is some sense in which the transmission of early Upanisads was in the context of ritual Vedic practices privy only to the Brahmana class, this etymology is in itself indefensible.
Makhanpur, Deoli, Laswara, Chak Avtara, Kheri, Krel Brahmana, Chak Hasal, Shekhpur, Ala, Nandpur Tibba, Bullende Kothe are among the villages, which are infamous for production and sale of illicit liquor production.
Besides the advocate a Brahmin organisation, Andhra Pradesh Brahmana Seva Sangha Samakhya, has also approached the rights panel, demanding a probe by claiming that " four influential families" of the Telugu film industry have destroyed the actor's career.
If this conjecture is correct, these ideas, once injected into Indian culture in the central Ganges plains, would have spread both east and west, influencing the development of both the brahmana and sramana cultures.
Meanwhile, an Indian trooper committed suicide by shooting himself in Bari Brahmana military station in Jammu.
The sample respondents of this study represent seven categories of 'jatis' (caste) Brahmana (Brahmin) 5 percent, Khandayat (Landholders) 10 percent, Bania (Silver/goldsmiths) 48 percent, Gudia (Sweetmakers) 10 percent, Teli (oilmen) 10 percent, Tanti (Weavers) 9 percent and Keuta (Producers of threatened rice) 8 percent.
During Ayurvedic consultation, the therapist examines the root cause of the ailment and prescribes treatments that are either Sodhana therapy for cleansing of metabolic wastes, Samana therapy for therapeutic benefits or Brahmana therapy for body rejuvenation.
The technical name for this was adandya and many of the early legal texts laid down that the brahmana is adandya.
The inhabitants of Arit-gram did not know where the kunds were, and neither did Chaitanya's brahmana guide.
pranmya sirasa devou pitamaha-paramesvarou / natyaaastram pravaksyami brahmana yadudahrtam // [NS 1.
One can, for the moment, cast 'ritual' in the specific Vedic sense Thapar draws from Satapatha Brahmana, Atharva Veda, and Rig Veda: "where [the ritual] is meticulously observed, it suspends the performers of the rituals into a threshold condition where only the parameters of their time-reckoning prevail" (Thapar 10).
The Shatapatha Brahmana tells us: "Sacrifice has only one sure foundation, only one destination, the heavenly realm