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 (brä′mə-nĭz′əm) also Brah·min·ism (brä′mĭ-)
n. Hinduism
1. The religious practices and beliefs of ancient India as reflected in the Vedas.
2. The social and religious system of orthodox Hindus, especially of the Brahmins, based on a caste structure and various forms of pantheism.

Brah′man·ist n.
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It had become the question of the very survival of Brahmanist organisations like RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, etc, which were all lined up to be connected with blasts of Samjhota Express, Hyderabad, Ajmer Shareef and Jaipur.
Apart from the fact that the history and makeup of the community is obviously more complex than that, there is no complementary Cham Brahmanist community in Cambodia, interaction with which is evidently an important aspect of Bani identity in former Panduranga, where Cham Muslims are outnumbered by non-Muslim Chams.
The next day the bakous, or court Brahmanist priests, will cut the rope tightened over the river (kat broat), releasing the nagas.