or braille·writ·er  (brāl′rī′tər)
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Braille was her primary literacy medium and, as of January 14, 2014, she was showing progress with writing single braille letters on a Perkins braillewriter.
If the student began to spell aloud, the investigator prompted him or her to write the word using the Braillewriter.
A six-key machine, called a braillewriter, can be used to write in braille.
In the biography of Helen Keller, for example, one chapter has definition boxes for Emanuel Swendenborg and the Braillewriter.
Chicago), updates tradition while retaining the attributes that make the Perkins Brailler the most commonly used braillewriter in the world.
The last items I was given were a Mountbatten Braillewriter and SAL [speechassisted learning].
The Hadley School created a computer-simulated braillewriter that enables professionals working with blind people to learn to read and write Braille, creating a ripple effect--teaching these teachers touches the lives of blind and visually-impaired students nationwide and beyond.
In weeks two and three, students were given demonstrations of the braillewriter and slate and stylus.
Kay enjoyed using the braillewriter, and could use it to type 11 letters of the alphabet.
We focused on activities such as scribbling on the braillewriter together, tracking a line of braille, sorting strips of "lines" and "broken lines," and reading braille and tactile books together.
T-tests were conducted to determine if statistical differences existed between the number of errors on the transcriptions of participants who prepared their transcriptions with braille translation software and those who prepared their transcriptions with a Perkins braillewriter.
Each word was written in contracted braille on a 5 x 7-inch note card using a Perkins braillewriter.