Brain box

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the bony or cartilaginous case inclosing the brain.

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BRAIN box society Mensa is offering Wrexham people the chance to find out their IQ score for just pounds 15.
Apparently even when footballers are tired and they wanna go home the "daft" lobe of their brain box remains wide awake
She has shed pounds to transform herself from a mumsy TV brain box into a sex siren.
But back to Dave, a born-again 39-year-old Christian minister who went from a life of necking pills and booze to praising the word of God, all the while uncannily resembling - were it possible to imagine such an abomination without your brain box exploding instantly - the love child of DJ Mike Read and Jonty, the insidious, sweaty heap of mother love with the cuddly toy fetish from BB8.
It was a lovely meal with all the trimmings, good company, a raffle and even a quiz to keep the old brain box on its toes.
As for brain box Velma, she is too smitten with museum curator Patrick Wisely (Green) to concentrate on solving the crime.
You need the brain box of Confucius to work out what's going on here.
I'm not sure who else is in it - I bet it will be some brain box," says self-effacing Pasquale.
Daniel has no idea where his daughter gets her talent from but thinks she is a little brain box.
It's hard to imagine, for example, Dent bellowing 'Unbelievable, Jeff' a la Chris 'Kammy' Kamara after some smug brain box comes up with a nine-letter word using five zs.
Before the news broke of her death, neighbour Frances Smith, 45, said: "The girl is a right little brain box.
Characters will include Jack, known as the loud lazy and bossy one, Rachel who is the brain box of the group, top-rider Georgi, and James, who is always getting teased by the girls for having stretchy ears.