Brake wheel

a wheel on the platform or top of a car by which brakes are operated.

See also: Brake

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Tenders are invited for Spindle For Hand Brake Wheel Short For Bobrn Wagon To Rdso Drg No.
Replacing an anti-lock brake wheel sensor is a pounds 125 job, changing a front brake calliper pounds 290 and a new pair of front discs cost pounds 207.
Gnutti Transfer srl has had a long time presence in the automotive market supplying numerous rotary transfer machines for machining end products such as alternator bodies, universal joint yokes and crosses, brake master cylinders, brake wheel cylinders, and rocker arms.
He said he chased down a runaway rail car, jumped aboard and cranked the brake wheel before it crashed.
Tenders are invited for Hand Brake Wheel Rh For Bobrn Wagon To Drg.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Brake Wheel For W 2000 Dragline Of Ocm1 Rg3
Tenders are invited for Kit For Hand Brake Wheel Complete For Boxn Wagons Consisting Of 5 Five Items To Rdso S Drg.
Tenders are invited for Complete Hand Brake Wheel Arrangement Of Boxn Wagons Consisting Of 10 Items, To Drawing/Specification Rdso/Wd-80007-S-10, Alt.
Tenders are invited for Hand Brake Wheel Rh And Lh For Bobrn Wagon To Rdso S Drg No-Wd-91071-S-73,Item No-1 And 16.