n.1.Fullness of branches.
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He noted branchiness in the wildtype plants, "These give no straight and uniform fibers.
On the surface of granulocytes beside rhizopodia (the branchiness of which increased to 1.
Branchiness of Norway spruce in northeastern France: Modelling vertical trends in maximum nodal branch size.
Specifically, we tested the hypothesis that the approach commonly used by foresters, whole tree silvic characteristics such as branchiness, persistence of dead branches and leaf shape, is adequate for the identification of red/pin hybrids.
A log-level lumber grade assessment method based on branchiness was developed to bring lumber grade considerations into forest management planning.
Branchiness of Norway spruce in north-eastern France: Predicting the main crown characteristics from usual tree measurements.
Tree characteristics such as tree size, tree taper, stem form, crown size, and branchiness are important in determining the yield and quality of black spruce lumber (Zhang and Chauret 2001, Zhang et al.
Prior to sawing, the dimensions, shape, branchiness, and other visible defects were measured at given intervals: 0 to 0.
These equations included different models for crown height and branchiness (Makinen and Colin 1999, 1998; Uusitalo and Kivinen 1998; Hynynen 1995; Karkkainen 1986a).
Processing and bunching time was mainly affected by DBH, number of cuts during processing, and branchiness and sweep of trees.