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Noun1.Branchiopoda - primitive aquatic mainly freshwater crustaceans: fairy shrimps; brine shrimps; tadpole shrimps; can shrimps; water fleas
class Crustacea, Crustacea - class of mandibulate arthropods including: lobsters; crabs; shrimps; woodlice; barnacles; decapods; water fleas
genus Daphnia - water fleas
Anostraca, order Anostraca - small aquatic crustaceans lacking a carapace: fairy shrimps; brine shrimps
Notostraca, order Notostraca - small freshwater crustaceans with a shield-shaped carapace
genus Triops, Triops - type genus of the family Triopidae: small crustaceans with a small third median eye
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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In 2011, field investigators at Oak Mountain State Park in Shelby County, Alabama, encountered specimens of the clam shrimp, Cyzicus mexicanus (subphylum Crustacea, class Branchiopoda, order Diplostraca, family Cyzicidae.
Editors and authors cover class Branchiopoda, Cephalocarida, Maxillopoda, Ostrocoda and Malacostaca, with changes from the last edition of 1989, a list of endangered crustaceans in North American and Hawaii and those presumed extinct, and a recounting of the literature cited.