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Noun1.Branchiura - copepods with suctorial mouthpartsBranchiura - copepods with suctorial mouthparts; parasitic on fishes
animal order - the order of animals
Copepoda, subclass Copepoda - minute planktonic or parasitic crustaceans
fish louse - a kind of copepod
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Of these six species belong to the Tubificidae: Tubifex tubifex (Muller, 1774), Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri (Claparede, 1862), Limnodrilus claparedeianus (Ratzel, 1868), Potamothrix hammoniensis (Michaelsen, 1901), Potamothrix bedoti (Piguet, 1913), and Branchiura sowerbyi (Beddard, 1892); five species to the Naididae: Nais pardalis (Piguet, 1906), Ophidonais serpentina (Muller, 1774), Dero digitata (Muller, 1773), Slavina appendiculata (d'Udekem, 1855), and Stylaria lacustris (Linnaeus, 1767); and the genus Mesenchytraeus to Enchytraeidae.
First maxillae suction discs in branchiura (Crustacea): development and evolution in light of the first molecular phylogeny of branchiura,pentastomida, and other "maxillopoda.
Incidentally, in Rio Tercero Reservoir, the burrowing oligochaete Branchiura sowerbyi was found in the nearby sediments, but not in L.