n.1.A brawl or dance.
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What's worse, this complex of farms and armies requires the oversight of a tyrant; its creator gladly fills the role (and thereby fills his belly): "Je vous certifie que au mandement de messere Gaster tout le ciel tremble, toute la terre bransle.
The flawless performances comprising this outstanding album include Scottish Bransle (3:07); Celtic Jigs (4:45); Breton Dro (3:58); Circle Dance (4:12); The Butterfly Slip Jig Set (3:44); Variations on Pretty Girl Milking a Cow (3:28); Highland Boat Song (2:58); Round of Loudeac/The Wren (2:58); Irish Reels (4:32); Maiden Lane (2:35); and French Renaissance Dances (3:55).
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-12 November 2002-Svenska Statoil AB and Mellanskogs Bransle AB sign fuel pellets marketing and sales agreement (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The Swedish oil company Svenska Statoil AB, part of the Norwegian group Statoil, said today (12 November) that it had signed a cooperation agreement with the biofuel company Mellanskogs Bransle AB, a subsidiary of the forest owners cooperative Skogsagarna Mellanskog.
The one bright light was Jeanine Jarvie's clear, shy, yet knowing dancing of the Bransle Gay.
The Second Pas-de-Trois comprises three dances: the Bransle Simple for two males, the Bransle Gay for solo female, and the Bransle Double, qua coda, for all three dancers.
Not only "BACK" and D[MUSICAL NOTES NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]-E[MUSICAL NOTES NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], but all six pc dyads of the Bransles row can be reordered to produce the row in Example 20d, used at the words "Te Deum" near the opening of The Flood.
The relationship is reminiscent of that between the Agon Bransles row and those of The Flood and the Elegy for JFK, where six pc dyads of the former are reordered in each of the latter (as shown in Example 20, above).
The Bransles, in particular, was especially vivacious while Mattachins surged forward with amazing vigour.
From Whitelocke's description of the 1628/29 festivities, it appears that the list of dances does bear some resemblance to the order of the nobles' dances performed at the French court balls in the early decades of the seventeenth century; that is, the suite of bransles, then the ceremonial danses a deux, the courante, and the gaillarde and finally dances in which partners could be chosen at will.