a.1.Same as Brazen.
References in classic literature ?
She, falling before the Queen of Fairies, complained that her Father and Mother, an ancient King and Queen had been by a huge Dragon many years shut up in a brasen Castle, who thence suffered them not to issue.
First th'Earth, on adamantine pillers founded, Amid the Sea engirt with brasen bands; Then th'Aire still flitting, but yet firmely bounded On euerie side, with pyles of flaming brands, Neuer consum'd nor quencht with mortall hands; And last, that mightie shining christall wall, Wherewith he hath encompassed this All.
For example, in the King James Bible: also the pillars of brass that were in the House of the Lord and the bases, and the brasen sea that was in the house of the Lord, the Chaldeans brake, and carried all the brass of them to Babylon (Jer.
quake[s]" and "that mightie chaine, which round about / Her tender waste was wound, adowne gan fall / And that great brasen pillour broke in peeces small" (xii.
ManageEngine's adaptability and turnaround time in providing a market relevant, cost-efficient and flexible MDM software solution is commendable," noted Steve Brasen, managing research director, EMA.
Her world is brasen, the Poets only deliuer a golden" (1595, 10).
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You that with allegorie's curious frame, Of other's children changelings use to make, With me those paines for God's sake do not take: I list not dig so deepe for brasen fame.
1774, the year after Brother Layritz came from the Unity Elders Conference, (98) we were instructed to reconnoitre once more the northern coast, which also took place that same fall through Brasen, (99) Lehmann, (100) Lister, (101) and Haven.
With last week's outage, I suspect the 30% number is even higher," said Steven Brasen, the EMA analyst who conducted the survey.
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Fourteen Moravians came to Nain in 1771, including Jens Haven and his new bride, as well as other veterans of the Labrador coast such as Christen Drachardt and Andreas Schloezer, all under the leadership of the surgeon Christoph Brasen (Rollman, 2002:8).