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A smoked liver sausage.

[German, after Braunschweig.]


(ˈbraʊnˌʃwaɪɡə; German ˈbraunˌʃvaɪɡə)
(Cookery) a smoked liver sausage, named after the city of Braunschweig


(ˈbraʊnˌʃwaɪ gər, -ˌʃvaɪ-)

(often l.c.) a soft smoked liver sausage.
[1925–30; < German; see Braunschweig, -er1]
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The rise in the number of suspects was first reported by Braunschweiger Zeitung.
Braunschweiger Berichte aus dem Institut fur Psychologie 1, 1977.
1999), 'Werthaltungen (einstellungen) gegenuber dem christentum bei deutschen heranwachsenden: Die francis-skala', Braunschweiger Beitrage, 89 (3), 50-4.
Which is unsurprising given that I was in the world's wurst capital--home of bratwurst, bierwurst, bockwurst, blutwurst, and braunschweiger, to mention only the Bs--and given that I had had two of the five mentioned above for lunch, plus knackwurst, several types of mustard, and potato salad.
Most of us are familiar with the tried and true ways of administering pills to our dogs--hiding them in food such as cream cheese or braunschweiger or vanilla ice cream, or using commercial products such as Pill Pockets.
Bathroom, office, hallway and kitchen all designed by Leonard Braunschweiger.
DANA BRAUNSCHWEIGER is a 2008 psychology graduate of Purchase College, SUNY.
000 euros ont ainsi ete semes, selon le decompte du journal local Braunschweiger Zeitung.
The Romantik Hotel Braunschweiger Hof in Bad Harzburg is one of the oldest family-run establishments in the Harz region and is now lead by the family's fifth generation.
Around the world, you'll find as many types of sausages as you might find dialects, and often they are named for the city where they originated: Genoa salami from Italy; the braunschweiger, from Brunswick, Germany; bologna lunch meat from Bologna, Italy.
Our Teutonic neighbours are proud of their bockwurst, bratwurst and braunschweiger but it's the currywurst which holds a special place in their hearts.