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 (kăp′ō-ā′rə, kä′po͝o-ā′rä)
A martial art of Brazilian origin that is based around a rhythmic, dancelike movement.

[Brazilian Portuguese, perhaps from capoeira, cultivated field that has reverted to forest or scrubland (perhaps in reference to the origins of the martial art in gatherings held by slaves and poor rural communities), from Tupí kopu̯era (influenced by Tupí kaa, scrubland) : ko, clearing, agricultural field cleared in a forest : pu̯era, that once was.]


1. (Martial Arts (other than Judo & Karate) & Combat Sports) a movement discipline combining martial art and dance, which originated among African slaves in 19th-century Brazil
2. (Dancing) a movement discipline combining martial art and dance, which originated among African slaves in 19th-century Brazil
[C20: from Portuguese]
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The fifth article (Diasporic and Transnational Internationalization: The Case of Brazilian Martial Arts by Angela da Rocha, Felipe Esteves, Renato Cotta de Mello and Jorge Ferreira da Silva) looks at a specific type of diaspora: small entrepreneurs from the Brazilian martial arts sector.
The youngsters train in the Brazilian martial arts sport weekly, and in the runup to the competition were in training six days a week.
Separate sessions for the Brazilian martial arts were conducted at the venue.
Kiesza needs a massive dressing room ahead of gigs cos the singer likes to loosen up with some Brazilian martial arts moves.
There are more similarities between Welsh clog dancing and the Brazilian capoeira martial art than you might think: On the surface, clog dancing and Brazilian martial arts may not have much in common.
Her daughter does Brazilian martial arts four times a week and is built like Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton, but was classified as overweight by the state-mandated body mass index screening program, she said.
Rising star James, who has been called "the future of British choreography", draws from a Brazilian martial arts form called capoeira in his work.
Fast becoming renowned for his exhilarating choreography, James's work draws on martial arts, break dancing and capoeira - Brazilian martial arts that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music - to create raw, earthy and ground-breaking performance.
Participants will be treated to performances, workshops and demonstrations including authentic dance from the African Queens Youth Dance Company, traditional African Brazilian Martial Arts and artisanal body care demonstrations from Earth Mercy.
Deepika and Jacqueline reportedly underwent training in Brazilian martial arts.
Washington, July 7( ANI ): The New York Jets' high-profile backup quarterback Tim Tebow is busy learning Brazilian martial arts Jiu-Jitsu these days, and has been training alongside Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Brendan Schaub under the tutelage of members of the famed Gracie family.

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