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or break-e·ven  (brāk′ē′vən)
Marked by or indicating a balance, especially between investment and return.
1. The point, especially the level of sales of a good or service, at which the return on investment is exactly equal to the amount invested.
2. The point at which the energy produced by a system is equal to that put into it, thereby rendering the system self-sustaining. In both senses also called break-even point.
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In business for less than one year and already at a break even point.
The formula for the break even point that we showed you in the March issue tells you the revenue you need, to sell to cover direct costs and overhead, but it doesnt include profit.
First, DHCR determines the dollar number needed to get the owner to the break even point.
Here's an example of break even point analysis on sales volume:
Some day Bill might reach the break even point where his SSI cash payment would be eliminated.