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Fat tissue also produces excess estrogen, another breast cancer risk factor, the FoxNews said.
It is reassuring that elevated breast density, a prevalent and strong breast cancer risk factor, was not associated with risk of breast cancer death or death from any cause in this large, prospective study," they said.
Smoking is not as generally accepted as a breast cancer risk factor, but a recent Canadian expert panel concluded that there is a small, but real, increase.
Nonetheless, BMI serves as a breast cancer risk factor independent of serum estrogen levels (17), suggesting that mechanisms other than estrogen stimulation of the breast influence breast cancer risk.
Because this polymorphism is associated with lower production of the cytokine (15) and because IL-10 may play a protective and preventive role, at least in some cancers, it is conceivable that the IL-10 AA genotype might represent a breast cancer risk factor of low penetrance.
The ATM gene is known to play a role in cells' response to DNA damage caused by ionizing radiation, another breast cancer risk factor.
The new findings regarding hyperinsulinemia as a breast cancer risk factor take on particular urgency in light of the ongoing obesity epidemic in the United States.
Because the breast is particularly susceptible to carcinogen exposure up until the first full-term pregnancy, there may be an interaction between risk associated with age at first pregnancy, an established breast cancer risk factor, and risk associated with chemical exposure.
In a leading study of over 4,700 women spanning five major cities across the United States, a significant correlation was found between the breast cancer risk factor and the number of hours per day women wore brassieres.
Age at first pregnancy isn't customarily considered a readily modifiable breast cancer risk factor.
Brinton was largely responsible for getting the government-funded NCI to deny the abortion-breast cancer link," said Darrell Birkey, research director for ARTL, "and she has now reversed herself and co-authored a study which includes 'induced abortion' as a significant breast cancer risk factor.
uk) - For every limited edition tube sold, PS2 will go to fund research into breast cancer risk factors.

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