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Noun1.breast implant - an implant for cosmetic purposes to replace a breast that has been surgically removed
implant - a prosthesis placed permanently in tissue
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We report a case of bilateral extreme breast enlargement caused by PASH in an adolescent girl who was treated with subcutaneous mastectomy and reconstruction with breast implants following a recurrence after treatment with free nipple graft breast reduction.
And 43 women have been given NHS breast enlargement surgery in the city over the same period.
One study of 59 patients suggested a possible increase in the risk of breast enlargement and pain among women taking SSRIs.
What should they do with their old bras after their breast enlargement or reduction surgery?
Separate figures from the NHS show a drop in the number of women having breast enlargement surgery.
Cunningham, from Leeds, has made a string of headlines since she had a PS4,800 breast enlargement op on the NHS.
Hannah Sadowska, 33, of Wrexham, has been seeking comfort while out running after breast enlargement surgery six years ago left her with a 32G bust.
Kelly McManus has hit back at criticism of the surgery by a woman who underwent a breast enlargement operation, Josie Cunningham.
Melbourne, July 21 ( ANI ): A bra company turned down former beauty queen Jesinta Campbell, who is currently an ambassador of Wonderbra, when they learned about her breast enlargement.
we're turning our children into babies, and adults into children, where everyone is sucking on the teat of government, the biggest breast enlargement in the world.
One of my friends has recently had a breast enlargement and I am seriously considering surgery.
Mum-of-one Rachel Martin pilfered the money from Barclays over eight weeks and spent pounds 4,000 on breast enlargement surgery plus pounds 1,700 on dental work.