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also ap·noe·a  (ăp′nē-ə, ăp-nē′ə)
Temporary absence or voluntary cessation of breathing.

[New Latin apnoea, from Greek apnoia : a-, without; see a-1 + pnoiā, -pnoia, breathing (from pnein, to breathe; see pneu- in Indo-European roots).]

ap·ne′ic adj. & n.


(ˈæp ni ə, æpˈni ə)

suspension of breathing. Compare sleep apnea.
[1710–20; < New Latin apnoea < Greek ápnoia <ápno(os) breathless (a- a-6 + pneîn to breathe)]
ap•ne′ic, adj.

apnea, apnoea

a temporary interruption in breathing. — apneal, apneic, apnoeal, apnoeic, adj.
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Noun1.apnea - transient cessation of respirationapnea - transient cessation of respiration  
symptom - (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
periodic apnea of the newborn - irregular breathing of newborns; periods of rapid breathing followed by apnea; believed to be associated with sudden infant death syndrome
sleep apnea - apnea that occurs during sleep


n. apnea, falta de respiración.


n apnea; obstructive sleep — apnea obstructiva del sueño
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In contrast to the cold pressor task and viewing unpleasant images, breath holding can be measured relatively quickly and without reliance on significant assessment materials.
Liver MRI can be particularly challenging for patients with diminished breath holding capacity, as it requires serial breath holding sequences for dynamic contrast enhanced imaging.
Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the demographic profile of children with breath holding spells and anemia and efficacy of iron supplementation on reduction in frequency of these spells.
first and fourth immersions were performed with breath holding until sense of discomfort (until first urge to inhale);
There is evidence (13) that during breath holding respiratory muscles make strong low amplitude high frequency contractions.
Physiological adaptations enhance the breath holding capacity of mysticetes, however in young mysticetes, the breath holding capacity is limited.
Breath holding in air was done at room temperature with timer visible to the participant.
Objective To evaluate the value of neurologic and cardiologic assessment and also the frequency of irondeficiency anemia in children with Breath Holding Spells (BHS).
Zucco) Hester, 85, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 surrounded by her loving family as the light shined in, she took her final breath holding her two daughters hands.
Mr Deller said judgement, rather than breath holding, was a key skill for players.
The meditators showed a statistically significant increase in the PEFR & breath holding time, compared to the control.