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Noun1.Bren - a submachine gun operated by gas pressure; used by the British in World War II
submachine gun - machine gun that is a portable automatic firearm
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Two years later in 1939, production had risen to 400 guns a week, and by June 1940 more than 30,000 Brens had been manufactured and issued.
62x51mm NATO Brens were manufactured at Ishapore Arsenal in India during the 1980s.
62x51mm NATO Brens at its Manchester warehouse in Great Britain using mostly Ishapore components.
That same year, the Canadian Army received two prototype Brens for examination.
The Canadian Army calculated that it required 7,000 Brens and the Canadian government received approval to manufacture them in Canada.
The Canadian government had planned to purchase Brens back in 1936.
The sale fell short of the e1/42 million the ministry expected to make as not all the 7,400 Stens, Brens and Enfields, used by the Cypriot armed forces in the past, were sold.
A draw was also to be held for the Brens and Enfields so that a serial number corresponding to a weapon is given to each applicant to be used for acquiring a relevant permit from the police before receiving the gun.
The reminder of the Brens and Enfields will be made available to collectors through the same procedure at a future date.
It may be hard to believe, based on retail prices of manufactured Brens, but you can build a semi-auto Bren for about $350.
Fortunately, Bren barrels are available and very inexpensive right now.
had what was advertised as good condition Bren barrels for $59.