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(Placename) the German name for Wrocław


(ˈvrɔts lɑf)

a city in SW Poland on the Oder River. 1,119,000. German, Breslau.
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Noun1.Breslau - a city in southwestern Poland on the OderBreslau - a city in southwestern Poland on the Oder
Poland, Polska, Republic of Poland - a republic in central Europe; the invasion of Poland by Germany in 1939 started World War II
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Paris, 27; Glasgow, 27; London, 28; Vienna, 28; Augsburg, 28; Braunschweig, 28; K:onigsberg, 29; Cologne, 29; Dresden, 29; Hamburg, 29; Berlin, 30; Bombay, 30; Warsaw, 31; Breslau, 31; Odessa, 32; Munich, 33; Strasburg, 33, Pesth, 35; Cassel, 35; Lisbon, 36; Liverpool, 36; Prague, 37; Madras, 37; Bucharest, 39; St.
Gregor Thum's dissertation, revised and published as Die Fremde Stadt: Breslau 1945 in 2003, expertly integrated the most recent literature in both languages for German scholars and interested readers.
On the 35th mission over Poland, near Breslau, the B-17 bomber he was in got hit by enemy fire.
Many people experience traumatic events such as the death of a loved one, being assaulted or witnessing violence, but only a small minority develop PTSD, said study author Naomi Breslau, a professor of epidemiology at MSU.
Breslau and colleagues devised a 7-item short screening scale for PTSD, (17) which has been shown to have validity and reliability in both primary care settings (18) and general population samples (19) (Table 3).
All its electric scooters are manufactured at the company's own certified production plant in Breslau.
vii--ix) and a detailed discussion of a letter from Breslau once believed to be written by Boccherini (pp.
Further, Breslau and Anthony (2007) found that women who have been exposed to an episode of assaultive violence are at greater risk to develop PTSD if they experience a non-assaultive subsequent episode, whereas this increased risk was not identified in men.
Synopsis: An octogenarian bookseller living alone in London has found a description of his father, as a young doctor in 1920s Breslau, in a story about Weimar Germany.
In similar circumstances to the battle of Coronel, Troubridge, who commanded a squadron in the Mediterranean, allowed two German ships, the Goeben and Breslau, to escape.
real estate," said Ben Breslau, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas' research managing director.
Among the gases he favoured was hydrogen cyanide, released from Zyklon A, later replaced by the safer Zyklon B; as a Prussian Jew from Breslau (now Wroclaw, Poland), he surely would have been horrified to learn of its use in the Holocaust to kill thousands of human "pests," as the Nazis perceived Jews and other undesirables.