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or Brue·gel also Breu·ghel  (broi′gəl, bro͞o′-, brœ′-), Pieter Known as "the Elder." 1525?-1569.
Flemish painter noted for his landscapes and his lively genre scenes, including Peasant Wedding (c. 1567). His son Pieter (1564-1638?), known as "the Younger," is primarily remembered for his copies of his father's works, while another son, Jan (1568-1625), is frequently called "the Flower Brueghel" or "the Velvet Brueghel" for the silky detail of his still-life paintings.


(ˈbrɔɪɡəl; Flemish ˈbrøːxəl) ,




1. (Biography) Jan (jɑn). 1568–1625, Flemish painter, noted for his detailed still lifes and landscapes
2. (Biography) his father, Pieter (ˈpiːtər), called the Elder. ?1525–69, Flemish painter, noted for his landscapes, his satirical paintings of peasant life, and his allegorical biblical scenes
3. (Biography) his son, Pieter, called the Younger. ?1564–1637, Flemish painter, noted for his gruesome pictures of hell



(ˈbrɔɪ gəl, ˈbru-, ˈbrœ-)

1. Pieter the Elder, c1525–69, Flemish painter.
2. his sons, Jan, 1568–1625, and Pieter the Younger, 1564–1637?, Flemish painters.
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Noun1.Brueghel - Flemish painter of landscapes (1525-1569)Brueghel - Flemish painter of landscapes (1525-1569)
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