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or Brue·gel also Breu·ghel  (broi′gəl, bro͞o′-, brœ′-), Pieter Known as "the Elder." 1525?-1569.
Flemish painter noted for his landscapes and his lively genre scenes, including Peasant Wedding (c. 1567). His son Pieter (1564-1638?), known as "the Younger," is primarily remembered for his copies of his father's works, while another son, Jan (1568-1625), is frequently called "the Flower Brueghel" or "the Velvet Brueghel" for the silky detail of his still-life paintings.


(Biography) a variant spelling of Brueghel



(ˈbrɔɪ gəl, ˈbru-, ˈbrœ-)

1. Pieter the Elder, c1525–69, Flemish painter.
2. his sons, Jan, 1568–1625, and Pieter the Younger, 1564–1637?, Flemish painters.
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Noun1.Breughel - Flemish painter of landscapes (1525-1569)Breughel - Flemish painter of landscapes (1525-1569)
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On show was The Jewish Cemetery (1654-55) by Jacob van Ruysdael, Pieter Breughel the Elder's Peasant Wedding (c.
That there was much to do at the museum was obvious and, like many other museum officials, Valentiner had to cope with a new building as well as with donors and trustees; gifts flowed into the collection during these years, many of them of great importance, including a French gothic chapel, a sculpture by Pisano, a Van Eyck, a Giovanni Bellini, a Breughel and a Rembrandt .
Steir's earlier work, culminating in The Breughel Series--A Vanitas of Style, 1982-84, replicated the stylistic procedures of Western and Asian artworks ranging from the 14th to the 20th century.
Actors portraying artists including Pieter Breughel the Younger and Jan Steen were on hand to talk about famous art works, while others playing Lady and Sir Henry Barber, founders of the Institute, discussed the couples' favourite paintings.
There was great jubilation as the painting was recognised as being by Jan Breughel the Younger and was valued at pounds 250,000.
It's the idea of combining art and religion in something equally precious") from the 1500s; the Rhodes Missal of 1504 (a richly illuminated manuscript on vellum); a Breughel masterpiece Madonna and Child with St John the Baptist in a Landscape; 17th and 18th century prints from the Bible Museum in Amsterdam; and a Konstantinos Parthenis work of humble beauty (entitled simply Madonna and Child) which was the artist's gift to his own daughter on her 21st birthday.
Each single Breughel Baby, as I called them, was my day's work, although they often took minutes to make, not hours.
All this in the context of a narrative vision that draws on the magical realism of recent Latin American literature, and a visual tradition that reaches back well beyond surrealism to the phantasmagorical worlds of Bosch and Breughel.
Oh, we had more than 50 cafes in Dworp,'' she said of the bucolic village 10 miles south of Brussels, part of a hilly area of pastures whose landscapes, and beers, figured in the paintings of the famous artist Breughel.
One of the most impressive essays on individual figures evaluates the realist painting of Fred Folsom, in particular his encyclopaedic Last Call (at the Shepherd Park Go-Go Club) which resembles the grotesque realism of Breughel but includes within it an untouched mysterious nude in the form of the stripper who seems to stand for Augustine's eternal beauty ever old and ever new of the Confessions, or the heavenly bride descending to a yearning world.
Every cavernous room was like being part of a Breughel painting, people in proliferation and profusion, lots of lollers and layabouts, huddles and muddles, and a veritable anaconda line to any window marked "cashier".
The opera was inspired by the often-nightmarish paintings of Breughel and Bosch, particularly the latter's "Garden of Earthly Delights," and this production takes on aspects of the hyper-realistic, larger-than-life sculptures of Australian artist Ron Mueck.