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BRIAN ALDISS, 92 Sci-fi author who wrote classic Helliconia trilogy
BIRTHDAYS: Brian Aldiss, science fiction writer, 92; Roman Polanski, film director, 84; Robert Redford, actor, 81; Madeleine Stowe, actress, 59; Denis Leary, actor, 60, Edward Norton, actor, 48; Christian Slater, actor, 48; Mika, singer/songwriter, 34.
Spielberg took the concept further with his film adaptation of a Brian Aldiss story in AI (Artificial Intelligence).
Born today Brian Aldiss, science fiction writer, 89; Roman Polanski, film director, 81; Robert Redford, actor, 78; Madeleine Stowe, actress, 56; Denis Leary, actor, 57, Edward Norton, actor, 45; Christian Slater, actor, 45; Mika, singer/songwriter, 31.
THERE are two types of writers: those who make you think and those who make you dream," says Brian Aldiss, who made me dream for a long time with his science- fiction books.
Butler summarizes several attempts to define the sf of the decade by Brian Aldiss, Malcolm Edwards, and others.
Brian Aldiss, whose short story Super-Toys Last All Summer Long formed the basis for the Hollywood movie A.
Smith than to, say, Brian Aldiss, Alfred Bester, Anne McCaffrey, or Zenna Henderson, all of whom were instrumental in shaping modern sf.
by Brian Aldiss (OUT OF PRINT) A surprisingly warm autobiography that writers will love from one of the UK's top science fiction authors
While for Brian Aldiss, science fiction began with the composition of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1818), John Clute locates it not with an urtext but with a change in the approach to Time in the Enlightenment, "'the period between about 1750 and 1820 .
De hecho, cuenta Michel Herr que Kubrick "habia estado trabajando con Brian Aldiss y otros escritores en Artificial Intelligence, una version de la era cibernetica del "mito de Pinocho", que descarto porque resultaba demasiado cara, hasta que vio Parque Jurasico y comenzo a telefonear a Steven Spielberg cada veinte minutos para hablar de la tecnologia que habia utilizado" (2).