a.1.Incapable of being bribed; free from bribes.
From thence to heaven's bribeless hall.
- Sir W. Raleigh.
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This includes deregulation, decentralization, the establishment of electronic services of the Ministry of Justice that minimize the contact of citizens with government officials, gradual liquidation of the state traffic inspection, inter-district registration examination departments and the abolition of the notorious invoice-statements, and the selection of heads of state-owned enterprises through open and transparent competitions, and public procurement through electronic auctions, and the purchase of medicines through international organizations, and the establishment of new non-corrupt and bribeless police, and depriving of political influence in the management of state-owned enterprises and the dissolution of the "political supervisors", who were feeding on the state property.
Taking a cue from the approaches made to the International Olympic Committee in its new, improved and bribeless purity, we decided to withdraw our offer to all employees of the clerks' office for a free cottage weekend and passes to the Annual East Grinchly Mudpout and Strawberry Shortcake Festival.