Brick dust

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dust of pounded or broken bricks.

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Not that my old tumbledown house hasn't been begging for a refurb for a long time - initial excavations having been abandoned several months ago, leaving a layer of black brick dust over everything and making my living room resemble the Pompeii branch of Ikea just before Mt Vesuvius went all erupty.
The growthcan be different colo- they're often whitish grey (sometimes with patches of yellow and lilac) and when they're most dangerous, orangey-ochre, with spores resembling brick dust.
BY the time you read this The Rocket pub will just be a memory amid the brick dust of redevelopment that we call progress.
A record nine titles followed as left-hander Nadal buried many an ego under Parisian brick dust.
While architect Martand Khosla uses brick dust to create the abodes and portraits of daily labourers whom he interacts with daily, M.
Every time I see Miley Cyrus smacking a black lady's bottom, rolling nearly naked in studio-made brick dust or loudly announcing that she's the most feminist person in the world whilst sucking a lollipop made from Germaine Greer's tears, I can't help also seeing Billy Ray Cyrus and his bouffant fringe, ponytail and cheeky grin, igniting a line dancing craze which enlivened many a Northern wedding and fitness class in the early '90s.
The growths can be different colours - they're often whitish grey (sometimes with patches of yellow and lilac) and when they're most dangerous, orangey ochre (this is the fruiting body), with spores resembling brick dust.
After a relatively thrill-free opening day on Sunday, fans flocked to the brick dust courts beside the Bois de Boulogne to feast their eyes on a line-up loaded with big names.
THE counterfeit drug market alone is worth PS50billion a year worldwide but pills are often laced with rat poison, boric acid, lead paint, floor wax, mercury and even brick dust.
Fallon's win on Amoralist saw him close the gap on Paul Hanagan in the title race to nine - Hanagan restored his double-digit advantage by taking the finale on Gala Spirit - but it was an otherwise frustrating night for the former champion, whose only other placing from a solid book of rides was a second on Brick Dust behind Good Authority, trained by Karen George and ridden by Darryll Holland.