Brick dust

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dust of pounded or broken bricks.

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That's when you decide this is going to be a two-human job, one of you tries to flick it up from one side using the coat hanger, one of you tries to flick it up using the broom handle from the other side and slowly, the item is raised out of its pit, up and up it comes covered in dust-balls and hair balls and brick dust and you feel so triumphant you can take on the world.
I made pigments of paint from wood and brick dust, gold, copper alloy and had the sand brought in from the Cholistan desert to create a sense of association with the Earth,' she said.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Brick Dust (Rabish) For Moti Lake, Motihari, Bihar
WITH a great rumble a big nearby wall collapsed, narrowly missing the Red Cross workers, a cloud of blood-red brick dust and sparks billowing across the furniture, which had been rescued from the raging inferno and stacked in the middle of the road.
Not that my old tumbledown house hasn't been begging for a refurb for a long time - initial excavations having been abandoned several months ago, leaving a layer of black brick dust over everything and making my living room resemble the Pompeii branch of Ikea just before Mt Vesuvius went all erupty.
BY the time you read this The Rocket pub will just be a memory amid the brick dust of redevelopment that we call progress.
Sometimes egg whites were added to the mixture, as well as brick dust and other coloring agents.
A record nine titles followed as left-hander Nadal buried many an ego under Parisian brick dust.
While architect Martand Khosla uses brick dust to create the abodes and portraits of daily labourers whom he interacts with daily, M.
Some are potentially deadly, laced with substances that include rat poison, brick dust and paint.
Every time I see Miley Cyrus smacking a black lady's bottom, rolling nearly naked in studio-made brick dust or loudly announcing that she's the most feminist person in the world whilst sucking a lollipop made from Germaine Greer's tears, I can't help also seeing Billy Ray Cyrus and his bouffant fringe, ponytail and cheeky grin, igniting a line dancing craze which enlivened many a Northern wedding and fitness class in the early '90s.