Brick works

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a place where bricks are made.

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The length of this tube is forty-eight feet, and the diameter of its object-glass six feet; it magnifies 6,400 times, and required an immense erection of brick work and masonry for the purpose of working it, its weight being twelve and a half tons.
The brick walls, the materials of which were imported from Holland, and the timbers of the mansion, are still as sound as ever; but the floors and other interior parts being greatly decayed, it is contemplated to gut the whole, and build a new house within the ancient frame and brick work.
I READ with great concern in Monday's Examiner (July 23) about the 70 trucks that could be passing through Blacker Road past Birkby Infants School on their way to Ainley Top and past the new proposed housing at the old Blackley Brick works near Elland.
Coun Bob Beauchamp (Con, Erdington) also called for the new homes to be finished in red brick as they were once produced locally at the former Nocks Brick Works in Erdington.
I'm sure the picture was taken in the clay quarry operated by Blacketts brick works at Portrack.
There are also numerous networking events planned to help you connect with 1,400 peers from around the globe, including pre-conference walking tours, a community project with Evergreen Brick Works, a welcome reception at the Royal Ontario Museum, a networking reception and the Gold Quill Awards Gala.
THE Mushroom Works and The Brick Works are two separate collections of studios based above the Ouseburn Valley in Newcastle, providing artists' studios and workspaces in a range of sizes.
Fifty were lost at Hanson's Caernarfon brick works, with another 50 at Welsh Slate in Bethesda and Blaenau Ffestiniog.
This brick works, which I have always known as Webster's, was in Stoney Stanton Road by the side of the canal near Priestlys Bridge, and is now Jackson's scrapyard.
Brick works his usual magic by bringing heroes/heroines and villains to life with a voice sensitive to the nuances of male and female as well as international accents.
Company also offers valves with cast iron bodies, cast iron or stainless steel discs and EPDM seals for duties in foundries, brick works, glass plants, quarries and the like.
It is absolutely the case that Andre's method of arranging material units on the ground, often according to simple mathematical schema, has remained consistent since the creation of his brick works in 1966, the first to fully realize his notion of "sculpture-as-place.