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a.1.Having no bridge; not bridged.
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4kW, bridgeless totem-pole PFC exhibiting near 99% PFC efficiency at 100 kHz operation.
The controlled rectifier may be a conventional diode rectifier with boost converter circuit or bridgeless boost rectifier circuit.
Bridgeless decades when the curious grow sadder, stronger,
I had a flat, bridgeless nose, short, boneless, 'flipper' arms and feet, a birthmark from ear to ear and jaundice.
Between them lay a deer-park, Richmond Green, the Castle Inn (where Thomson spent most of his evenings), the Duchess of Queensberry's house, Ham Meadows and the bridgeless Thames (although Pope had a ferryman on call).
Fisher's truck stalled while crossing a bridgeless river.
And while on-island broker Useppa Property Company invites prospective homebuyers to consider making a second home of the tropical retreat, don't bother hopping in the car for a real estate drive-by--the bridgeless, access-controlled island can only be visited by owners, club members and guests who travel there by boat.
Here the mode is detailed realism; the characteristic tone is understatement, with some irony, as in the characterization of an air raid as "such rudeness" (Szep) and the mission of a ragged trio to bring manuscripts--by ferry across the bridgeless Danube--from Buda to Pest to bring about "a fresh start in Hungarian literature" (Somlyo, in an autobiographical novel); and the characteristic response is wonder at having survived the incomprehensible, as in Somlyo's escaping because of a single mistaken letter in his name, finding "exemption" a source of guilt and wondering, "was it I who survived?
The serious effort to keep children away from the bridgeless river spurred from the death of Burchfield, an 11-year-old who drowned in the creek almost a year ago while taking a shortcut home from Chaparral Middle School.
You ford bridgeless rivers (or wade across shallow ones), bathe in streams, carry supplies for cooking over an open fire, and help with campsite chores.
The ADP1048 can be configured as an interleaved design to reduce inductor size and replace the ACDC rectifier to improve efficiency in bridgeless boost mode.