Brigade major

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an officer who may be attached to a brigade to assist the brigadier in his duties.

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References in classic literature ?
Wid that he begins cursin' ould Dhrumshticks, being so full he dane disrernimbers the Brigade-Major an' the Judge-Advokit- Gen'ral.
He had been commanding D Company for close on two years and was now back at Brigade as temporary Brigade-Major.
As soon as Bunbury learned that the regiment was to serve in New South Wales he wrote to Sydney 'to his old friend, the Brigade-Major, Colonel Snodgrass 'to say how glad I should be to find some employment there which would give me something in addition to my pay'.
Bunbury paraded himself to his friend Colonel Snodgrass, not only Brigade-Major but Acting Commandant of the Military Forces in the Colony and also Acting Governor in the interregnum between the departure of Governor Sir Ralph Darling and the arrival of his replacement, Sir George Gipps.
Sealyham now went out of the dug-out saying that he had dumped his haversack on the bank, which had two fine razors and other valuables in it; at the same moment the Adjutant got on the phone to speak to the Brigade-Major and the line being so weak he was continually asking "What's that?
05 pm the Brigade-Major Walter Cass, hastily wrote out orders, which McCay then signed and issued to the four battalions, which advised them that the brigade, with the 6th Battalion on the left, and the 7th on the right, with each battalion occupying a frontage of about 500 yards, would attack Krithia at 5.
McCay fearing that the 7th may fall behind in the advance, shouted to Brigade-Major Cass, "Go along and hurry them up, lead them yourself".