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 (brĭj′ĭd), Saint ad 451?-525?
Irish nun who is credited with establishing a convent and monastery and with promoting the conversion of Ireland to Christianity.


(Biography) Saint Brigid See Bridget1


(ˈbrɪdʒ ɪd, ˈbri ɪd)

also Brig•it



Saint, a.d. 453–523, Irish abbess: a patron saint of Ireland.
Also called Bride.
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Noun1.Brigid - Irish abbess; a patron saint of Ireland (453-523)
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With this new publication, the editors Paolo and Andrea Briganti give us what they rightly call a "book": Casa d'altri: Il libro, entitled thus by the author himself (unlike earlier published versions that were without any title on the manuscripts).
There follow a critical essay on Casa d'altri by Paolo Briganti, first published in 1982; narratological syntheses of the story; indications of the divisions of the various versions; and a bibliographical appendix listing D'Arzo's compositions and critical works about his writing.