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 (brĭj′ĭd), Saint ad 451?-525?
Irish nun who is credited with establishing a convent and monastery and with promoting the conversion of Ireland to Christianity.


(Biography) Saint Brigid See Bridget1


(ˈbrɪdʒ ɪd, ˈbri ɪd)

also Brig•it



Saint, a.d. 453–523, Irish abbess: a patron saint of Ireland.
Also called Bride.
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Noun1.Brigid - Irish abbess; a patron saint of Ireland (453-523)
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LOWE THERESE (Jesmond) Peacefully at the Manor House with her loving family by her side on Sunday 31st December 2017 aged 85 years, Therese, beloved wife of the late Frank, a loving mum to Brighid, Rachel, and mother in law to Mike, and a proud grandma to Isabel, Nancy, and Astrid.
Jacob Reger, Brayden Riley, Austin Robbins, Anna Rochon, Alexandra Rogers, Grace Rosier, Brighid Russi, Bella Schlesinger, Ian Schwartz, Madeleine Shojai, Alberto Silva, Brittan Silver, Ian Skaggs, Larea Smith, Cayden Spencer, Alex Steele, John Steil, Ashton Stowell, Jessica Strahon, Lexus Sullivan,
Toi Ohomai head of nursing Brighid McPherson acknowledged Gardiner's experiences and said the institution was keen to follow up, with NZNO support, the issues raised.
Siobhan's mother Brighid McLaughlin has been vocal in the past in saying she believes Kearney should spend the rest of his days behind bars.
Speaking in August last year, Siobhan's sister Brighid McLaughlin slammed the sentences handed down to killers and claimed inmates are leading cushy lives.
Jam-packed with fast-paced dialog and two-fisted double entendres, Anne Manx and the darkly duplicitous Brighid, spiral into danger as they try to outwit Chief Arum and the entire planet who are literally out for their blood.
Christians observe it as the feast day of Saint Brighid.
LABOR DAY (12A) Starring: Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin, Gattlin Griffith, Tom Lipinski, Maika Monroe, Clark Gregg, Alexie Gilmore, Brooke Smith, Brighid Fleming.
The ancient Celts celebrated spring at Imbolc, a festival for the goddess Brighid.
Brighid Flaherty is the general manager of Jerome Winery/Cellar 433 in Jerome, Ariz.
A woman who was a few feet from the second bomb, Brighid Wall, 35, of Duxbury, said that when it exploded, runners and spectators froze, unsure of what to do.
A woman who was near the second bomb, Brighid Wall, 35, said that when it exploded, runners and spectators froze, unsure of what to do.