brilliant cut

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bril′liant cut`

a cut intended to enhance the brilliance of a gem without sacrificing weight, characterized by a form resembling two pyramids set base to base and typically having 58 facets. Compare emerald cut, marquise (def. 3a).
bril′liant-cut`, adj.
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It is a padparadscha sapphire surrounded by 10 brilliant cut diamonds and two pear cut diamonds to give an edge to the standard classic cluster.
A beaded crown set with a brilliant cut diamond winds the manual movement, while an individually numbered yellow-gold case rounds out an intentional concept watch that's anything but accidental.
A flurry of pearls and round brilliant cut diamonds in the form of detachable pendants can be added to the snowcap design to create a dazzling effect, a showpiece that enhances an evening dress with a touch of glamour.
In 2009, NFL star Tom Brady proposed to Gisele BEaA-ndchen with a traditional and timeless engagement ring with a contemporary flair featuring a brilliant cut diamond solitaire flanked by a tapered baguette on either side, set in a platinum band.
The 50-piece limited edition features an 18-karat yellow or rose gold case with bezel and lower case sides set with brilliant cut white diamonds.
71 carats of 922 brilliant cut diamonds, set in a combination of 34.
Her platinum engagement ring was a brilliant cut three carat diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds.
zero1 engagement rings feature a central round brilliant cut diamond in a white gold setting, or are also available with lateral diamond pave.
Errors within the cut can seriously affect value, the most frequent cut seen today is the brilliant cut which accentuates the qualities of the stone.
85carat brilliant cut diamond solitaire white gold ring.
Signature by Hamilton & Inches, ring with brilliant cut diamonds set in 18ct rose gold Price: PS3,500 (small) PS5,250 (large) Hamilton & Inches.
Cool down with this impressively sized cocktail ring featuring perfectly matched rose-cut diamonds encircled by round brilliant cut diamonds set in white gold with black rhodium.