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a.1.Like brine; somewhat salt; saltish.
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Thus, it is the largest continental basin in the world with brinish and without tidal waters, with a shoreline length of 4358 km, a volume of about 600,000 [km.
It is a gallant thing to be able to carry a Ship richly laden round the World: but it is much more gallant to carry a Soul (that is worth loading, a Pearl more worth than all the Merchandize of the world) in a body (that is liable to leaks and bruises as any Ship is) through the Sea of this World (which is as unstable as water, and hath the same brinish and salt gust which the waters of the Sea have) safe to Heaven (the best Haven) so as to avoid splitting upon any Soul-sinking Rocks.
For now I stand as one upon a rock, Environed with a wilderness of sea, Who marks the waxing tide grow wave by wave, Expecting ever when some envious surge Will in his brinish bowels swallow him.