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Noun1.Brioschi - an antacid
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
alkaliser, alkalizer, antacid, antiacid, gastric antacid - an agent that counteracts or neutralizes acidity (especially in the stomach)
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Brioschi and Gay-Lussac did; but then the blood burst from their mouths and ears.
Axalta has a global contract with the Volkswagen Group in place, but we are delighted that the Volkswagen Group Italia has demonstrated its confidence in our premium brands' refinish products and services by granting us separate approval at the national level," says Marco Stefano Brioschi, Managing Director for Axalta in Italy.
Y es aqui donde aparecio, como subarrendatario de estos jovenes, (47) un personaje que a la postre se hizo notorio por sus negocios en la Tierra Caliente michoacana, pero que por la epoca en que terminaba el siglo XIX era un modesto agricultor en la inhospita Tierra Caliente de Michoacan: se trataba de Dante Cusi Castoldi, quien buscaba consolidarse como pequeno propietario en la zona de Paracuaro y de Jucutacato al lado de su socio Luis Brioschi.
45 (0645 GMT) in Via Brioschi, in the fashionable Navigli district.
Brioschi L, Steinmann M, Lucot E, Pierret MC, Stifle P, Prunier J, Badot PM (2013) Transfer of rare earth elements REE from natural soil to plant systems, implications for the environmental availability of anthropogenic REE.
Personal care--Chilly and Intima Roberts feminine hygiene, Neutro Roberts body care, Brioschi digestive aids, Bilboa sun care, Soapy hand soap, Acqua Alle Rose facial cleanser.
1842) Multiple initials present Plate number Name and years active B-B, N-N 9232 diversi C-C, N-N, B-B 7410 diversi F-F, C-C, S-S 6754 diversi H-H, R-R, D-V 14914 Cella & Pe J-J, U-U,J-D 19641 Antonietta Toja: 21 November 1836-1842 K-K, A-A 17183 Milanesi & Achille N-N, A-A 11391 Brioschi, Grassi, Cella Angelo Grassi: 4 April 1835-1841 T-B, C-G 1384 c.
One of the walls inside the pavilion was adorned with a large painting by the Austrian artist Carlo Brioschi, and showed a "virgin rain forest.
Head pastry chef Angelica Brioschi and head baker, chef Yoshio Nishiyama bake breads and pastries daily, including savoury Japanese loaf bread and rice powder loaf bread, or sweet green tea biscuit bread and almond chocolate croissants.