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A favorite diversion was to make the house into a fort, gallantly held by a handful of American soldiers against a besieging force of the British army.
The officers of the British army, and the loyal gentry of the province, most of whom were collected within the beleaguered town, had been invited to a masked ball; for it was the policy of Sir William Howe to hide the distress and danger of the period, and the desperate aspect of the siege, under an ostentation of festivity.
Washington, who, after uselessly admonishing the European general of the danger into which he was heedlessly running, saved the remnants of the British army, on this occasion, by his decision and courage.
One was Captain Stewart, of the British army, a gentleman of noble connections, who was amusing himself by a wandering tour in the Far West; in the course of which, he had lived in hunter's style; accompanying various bands of traders, trappers, and Indians; and manifesting that relish for the wilderness that belongs to men of game spirit.
The case of Colonel Valentine Baker obstructs that argument, for a man cannot become an officer in the British army except he hold the rank of gentleman.
Miss Wirt and these two affectionate young women so earnestly and frequently impressed upon George Osborne's mind the enormity of the sacrifice he was making, and his romantic generosity in throwing himself away upon Amelia, that I'm not sure but that he really thought he was one of the most deserving characters in the British army, and gave himself up to be loved with a good deal of easy resignation.
Why, he's a model of the whole British army in himself, ladies and gentlemen.
The Royal Munsters is, as you know, one of the most famous Irish regiments in the British army.
But meanwhile Miss Rome's experiment in mobilizing the British Army had not succeeded so simply as seemed probable.
Major Lang, whose normal base was Headquarters 5 Division in Shrewsbury, was serving as an army press officer with the British Army detachment in Freetown.
A BRITISH army officer feared kidnapped in Nepal was with the TV star Michael Palin and his BBC documentary team at the time of the incident.
A descendant of rabbis, and a witness of Nazi concentration-camp horrors while he was an officer in the British army in World War II, he was steeped in the splendors and sorrows of Jewish history.

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