Broad acres

many acres, much landed estate.
See under Acre.

See also: Acre, Broad

References in classic literature ?
My father has broad acres," the other continued, "from Fareham Creek to the slope of the Portsdown Hill.
If it could open to the red men the fair Valley Dor it would have accomplished much, and in the Land of Lost Souls between the Mountains of Otz and the ice barrier were many broad acres that needed no irrigation to bear rich harvests.
Me and my BOG buddies are organic because we want to avoid the pesticides and herbicides our commercial cousins fling so carelessly across their broad acres - nutrition without the nasty stuff, you might say.
In their first full year on broad acres and second year of availability, Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans delivered a yield advantage over competitor varieties of the first-generation Roundup Ready trait of greater than 3 bushels per acre.
Chief Ramsbottom Hurdle: 1 Broad acres Dan, 2 Droopys Campo, 3 Knock-afurtig, 4 Smooth Turbo, 5 Xamax Mr Grumpy (w), 6 Taipan (w).
Noddys and Big Ears were miles ahead in the final standings of this well-attended ten-match series with 25 points, with Fiery Holes Wolves on 53 points, 20 AC on 62 points, Fosters' Exiles on 73 points and Broad Acres fifth on 79 points.
He conceded 13 byes - including three boundaries which were not his fault - and spent most of the day hurling himself all over Headingley's broad acres.
Yorkshire will not know until next week whether Darren Gough wants to stay with the champions or quit the Broad Acres for another club.
Today, on the broad acres of Wembley, Boateng is convinced that his own "Dogs of War" battle with Chelsea's Wise will decide the destination of the FA Cup.
Kim Oliver Burnim - Teacher at Broad Acres Elementary, a culturally and linguistically diverse school in Silver Spring, Maryland.
It will again feature the Yorkshire Bar which boasts at least 40 ales from across the Broad Acres.
The quartet from Hunley Hall Golf Club near Saltburn competed against clubs from all over the Broad Acres to reach the finals of the ADP Yorkshire Team Championships, held at Ilkley Golf Club.