n.1.See Brokerage.
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Industry expert Danny Sarch of Leitner Sarch Consultants in White Plains, New York, says that brokage firms that aren't part of the protocol can really "take offense" when advisors leave.
I eat my Venison With my neighbours in the Countrie, and present not My phesants, partridges, and growse to the userer, Nor ever yet paid brokage to his scrivener.
Poor POET-APE, that would be thought our chief, Whose works are e'en the frippery of wit, From brokage is become so bold a thief, As we, the robb'd, leave rage, and pity it.
A botcher, and no better at the first, Who, by base brokage getting some small stock, Crept into service of a nobleman, And by his servile flattery and fawning Is now become the steward of his house, And bravely jets it in his silken gown.