Broken breast

Bro´ken breast`

1.Abscess of the mammary gland.
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A 35-year-old woman in one of the vehicles struck by the suspect's car suffered a broken breast bone and a 30-year-old man in the other vehicle got a bruise to his arm.
A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said he sustained a broken breast bone, internal injuries and lacerations.
Oh, Y of the bird's broken breast, odd unstrung sling shot,
The accident as he was cycling near Bridgend in August was his second serious road accident and left him unconscious, with a double break to the pelvis and a broken breast bone.
She suffered three broken ribs, a broken breast bone, a broken vertebra, a broken thumb and a collapsed lung in the explosion.
During the three weeks leading-up to his death, defenceless Mr Oakes, known as Kenny, was subject to at least four brutal attacks at the hands of Rai, 21, which left him with a staggering 43 rib fractures, a broken breast bone, bruises and cuts.
FORMER Bees star Stuart Robson has been transferred by air ambulance to University Hospital, Walsgrave, after suffering a broken pelvis, spinal injuries and broken breast bone in a horrific smash at Mildenhall on Sunday.
Divorcee Mrs Cruz also had a dislocation of the spine, a broken breast bone, rib fractures and heart, lung and kidney damage.
State pathologist Professor Jack Crane also revealed that Daphne had a broken breast bone and nine cracked ribs from the weight of her attacker on top of her after she was hurled face down to the ground.
Broken breast implants have mutilated many tens of thousands of women specifically because the review process at the FDA better accommodates industry than patient health.
A BIKER suffered a broken breast bone after a collision with a car.
A friend, Karl Mullen, had to be freed from the passenger seat with eight broken ribs, fractures to his back, a broken breast bone and collapsed lung.