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n.1.(Min.) Silver bromide, a rare mineral; - called also bromargyrite.
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The secondarily leached silver minerals miargyrite, iodargyrite and bromargyrite, were also encountered in the adits.
5 mm) yellow-green distorted octahedrons and cuboctahedrons of bromargyrite have been found on white micro-crystalline drusy quartz, cerussite and plattnerite in a localized area near the portal of the Brown Monster mine.
These include arseniosiderite, bromargyrite, cabalzarite, chalcophyllite, clinoclase, clinotyrolite, cobaltkoritnigite, cornubite, fornacite, geminite, litharge, mottramite, nickellotharmeyerite, novacekite, parnauite, powellite, uvarovite, walentaite, wulfenite, yukonite and zalesiite.
Although most of the workings from this era have long since vanished, it is clear from the smelting records that the silver was produced exclusively from orebodies of colorados, a reddish to yellowish iron-rich oxide ore containing metallic sulfides, native silver and bromargyrite (Halse, 1926).
franckeite, jamesonite, stannite Maria Teresa Berndtite, (*) herzenbergite, ottemannite, stannite Mariana Jamesonite Marta Zinnwaldite Matilde Cerussite, galena, siderite, sphalerite Mercedes Mafnesioriebeckite del Illampu Mesa de Plata Acanthite, andorite bromargyrite, pyrargyrute, silver, tenorite Millipaya Drive, hedleyite jamesonite, molybdenite, molybdite, monazite, pyrite, quartz, schorl, tungstite, wolframite; see Marcamacani, Hucumarini Milluni Cassiterite.
Like other late-stage silver-halides found at Rudabdnya, bromargyrite is derived from the alteration of tennantite found in the limonite and siliceous limonite of the Adolf mine section.