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n.1.(Med.) Inflammation of the bronchi and lungs; catarrhal pneumonia.
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Two doctors examined Mrs Guy's body but no post-mortem examination was carried out and a death certificate was issued listing her causes of death as broncho-pneumonia, septicaemia and hypertensive heart disease.
Case types were defined as follows: "Pure pneumonic cases were those in which no buboes could be found, but in which there was definite broncho-pneumonia.
Other common causes of hospital admission were broncho-pneumonia 587 (5.
Senior coroner for Sefton, Knowsley and St Helens, Christopher Sumner, ruled the cause of death was natural and due to corpulmonale (a failure of his heart) contributed to by broncho-pneumonia and severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
1 Bilateral basal pneumonia Reactive airway disease 2 No reported Reactive airway findings disease 3 Bilateral patchy No infiltrates in the bases 4 Broncho-pneumonia Intrauterine growth restriction Unspecified musculoskeletal disorder Source: Prepared by the authors based on the study results.
He was quickly diagnosed with broncho-pneumonia and succumbed to it three days later, on New Year's Eve, 1918.
Usually the patients had either broncho-pneumonia or lobar consolidation.
What we do know is that Benjamin died of broncho-pneumonia in Woolwich and at that time his address was listed at Lidget Street in Lindley.
Jenny Grindrod and her daughters, Shelbie and Leah, of Erdington, were huge fans of the 22-yearold heavyweight Patagonian sealion Orry and were left devastated following his death on July 30 from broncho-pneumonia.
In September 2004, people protested in front of the same hospital after 14 children died of broncho-pneumonia and gastro-enteritis.
Mr Hill died from broncho-pneumonia but a post-mortem concluded that his diabetes condition probably caused him to collapse and become unconscious at home.
Twin M died from broncho-pneumonia in June 2009 - and not as a result of the injuries she sustained.