Bronte sisters

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Noun1.Bronte sisters - a 19th century family of three sisters who all wrote novels
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Women's domestic labor held an important place for the Bronte sisters and "all three girls took up the usual women's household labors on a regular basis" (40).
The village was home to the three Bronte sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne.
He was an accomplished artist and painted one of the most cherished portraits of the Bronte sisters, which now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery.
1816: Charlotte Bronte, eldest of the three Bronte Sisters and author of Jane Eyre, was born in Thornton, Yorkshire.
Years after the deaths of the two oldest Bronte sisters, the remaining four siblings, now in their teens--romantic Charlotte, brooding Branwell, peculiar Emily, and sensible Anne--are still in the aftershock of grief and steeping in bleak thoughts of the future.
The result is a literary approach highly recommended for any who enjoy biographical and literary reflections on the Bronte sisters.
He begins with a four-day trek in West Yorkshire, visiting Haworth, home to the Bronte sisters who wrote the classics Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights.
Readers of the Guardian and the New York Times Magazine may recognize the dark humor of Tom Gauld, whose sizable new collection of cartoons pokes fun at literature of all stripes--putting a Beckettian spin on Tintin, for instance, and imagining a Bronte sisters video game--not to mention futurism, religion, modern art, and human hubris and frivolity.
There has been a long-running campaign to turn the four-bedroom property in west Yorkshire into a museum to celebrate the early years of Bronte sisters.
An additional motivation for Morris is to redefine much of Braddon's work as more than sensationalist and to place her in the company of the likes of the Bronte sisters.
AN auctioneer is hoping to score a hat-trick, selling a third item believed to be linked to the literary Bronte sisters.
Charlotte Bronte's autograph manuscript, The Young Men's Magazine, Number 2, was sold for [pounds sterling]690,850 / $1,069,229, more than twice the pre-sale estimate of [pounds sterling]200,000-[pounds sterling]300,000 - a record at auction for a manuscript by any of the Bronte sisters.