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Family of British novelists and poets, including Charlotte (1816-1855), Emily (1818-1848), and Anne (1820-1849). In 1846 their first publication was issued, a volume of poetry entitled Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell. In 1847 Charlotte published Jane Eyre; Emily, Wuthering Heights; and Anne, Agnes Gray. Charlotte published Shirley in 1849 and Villette in 1853.


1. (Biography) Anne, pen name Acton Bell. 1820–49, English novelist; author of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1847)
2. (Biography) her sister, Charlotte, pen name Currer Bell. 1816–55, English novelist, author of Jane Eyre (1847), Villette (1853), and The Professor (1857)
3. (Biography) her sister, Emily (Jane), pen name Ellis Bell. 1818–48, English novelist and poet; author of Wuthering Heights (1847)


(ˈbrɒn ti)

1. Anne ( “Acton Bell” ), 1820–49, English novelist.
2. her sister Charlotte ( “Currer Bell” ), 1816–55, English novelist.
3. her sister Emily Jane ( “Ellis Bell” ), 1818–48, English novelist.
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Noun1.Bronte - English novelist; youngest of three Bronte sisters (1820-1849)
2.Bronte - English novelist; one of three Bronte sisters (1818-1848)
3.Bronte - English novelistBronte - English novelist; oldest of three Bronte sisters (1816-1855)
References in classic literature ?
139-146) And again, she bare the Cyclopes, overbearing in spirit, Brontes, and Steropes and stubborn-hearted Arges (6), who gave Zeus the thunder and made the thunderbolt: in all else they were like the gods, but one eye only was set in the midst of their fore-heads.
Sutherland, Victorian Novelists and Publishers (Chicago 1976), 43-9, where it is clear that the terms Newby offered other unknown writers were not very different from those negotiated with the Brontes.
In Hesiod the Cyclopes were three sons of Uranus and Gaea--Arges, Brontes, and Steropes ("Bright," "Thunderer," "Lightener")--who forged the thunderbolts of Zeus.
Former CEO and Co-Founder of Brontes Technologies (now division of 3M) Teams with Firm to Help Identify Investment Opportunities
Robin Hood, the Brontes, the famous factories that made our town great are just pulled down for profit-making ventures.
I've always been fascinated by the Brontes," she said.
In response, Lily - who has a double first in History of Art from Cambridge - compared the reaction to the prejudice that forced the Brontes to write under androgynous pseudonyms.
Bra gg argues his influence can still be seen today in international diplomacy, new English-based dialects, new versions of the Bible and in the works of some of our greatest writers including Shakespeare, Dickens, the Brontes and Tennyson.
The bestselling author of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making brings to life the imaginative world of one of the most revered literary families of all time: the Brontes.
She began to delve into the work and lives of the Brontes, finding that the sisters were at times her lifeline, her sounding board, even her closest friends.
Emma Bell as Emily Dickinson Supported by her doting sister Vinnie (Jennifer Ehle) and frequently visited by their friend Vryling Buffam (Catherine Bailey), Emily settles into an almost hermetic existence at the family home, where she observes the minutiae of society life and passes judgement on the work of the Brontes.
Their latest contribution is the story of the Brontes.