Brooklyn Bridge

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Noun1.Brooklyn Bridge - a suspension bridge across the East River in New York CityBrooklyn Bridge - a suspension bridge across the East River in New York City; opened in 1883
Greater New York, New York, New York City - the largest city in New York State and in the United States; located in southeastern New York at the mouth of the Hudson river; a major financial and cultural center
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Down through the twilight sank five attacking airships, one to the Navy Yard on East River, one to City Hall, two over the great business buildings of Wall Street and Lower Broadway, one to the Brooklyn Bridge, dropping from among their fellows through the danger zone from the distant guns smoothly and rapidly to a safe proximity to the city masses.
The first loss of life occurred in the panic rush from Brooklyn Bridge as the airship approached it.
Beyond these newspaper buildings again, and partially hidden by the arches of the old Elevated Railway of New York (long since converted into a mono-rail), there was another cordon of police and a sort of encampment of ambulances and doctors, busy with the dead and wounded who had been killed early in the night by the panic upon Brooklyn Bridge.
The Vaterland at that time was beating up to the south of City Hall from over the ruins of the Brooklyn Bridge, and the reports of the gun, followed by the first crashes of the collapsing Dexter building, brought Kurt and, Smallways to the cabin porthole.
Pronounced "kway," a term for a landing place constructed on the edge of a body of water, the 28-story building designed by ODA's Eran Chen will offer 126 condominium residences at the southern end of Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Mic reports that locks on the Brooklyn Bridge caused a wire holding to snap on September 8, leading to hours of repairs and traffic delays.
Bbp Is In The Process Of Constructing An Eighty-five (85) Acre Waterfront Park In Brooklyn, Ny, Which Involves Partial Demolition Of Portion Of The Eastern End Of Pier 3 And The Construction Of Two (2) New Connector Bridges Which Span The East River From The Mainland Of The Brooklyn Bridge Park To The Existing Pier 3.
Macy's Fireworks spectacular are always one of the best fireworks showpieces every 4th of July, and this year's show becomes even better with the Brooklyn Bridge picked as its backdrop.
The Brooklyn Bridge took 14 years to build, at a cost of 15 million dollars and 20 lives, and Roebling himself had endured decompression sickness after supervising construction of the structure's underwater supports.
Further reinforcing the sustainable design, Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy engaged structural engineers HNTB Corporation to develop a plan to shade the area so that it is more hospitable for sports activity, players and spectators alike.
I suppose that the negotiators from the permanent member countries at the UN and Germany are not so foolish as to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.
It will be located immediately south of the DUMBO neighborhood and the Brooklyn Bridge, west of Brooklyn Heights, and adjacent to the Park entrance at Pier 1.

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