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 (bro͞om′rāp′, bro͝om′-)
Any of various parasitic herbs of the genus Orobanche, having purplish or yellowish flowers and small scalelike leaves that lack chlorophyll. Broomrape grows on the roots of various plants.

[Translation of Medieval Latin rāpum genistae : Latin rāpum, underground stock of a tree + Latin genistae, genitive of genista, broom (from the growth of these tubers on the roots of broom).]


(ˈbruːmˌreɪp; ˈbrʊm-)
(Plants) any orobanchaceous plant of the genus Orobanche: brownish small-flowered leafless parasites on the roots of other plants, esp on legumes
[C16: adaptation and partial translation of Medieval Latin rāpum genistae tuber (hence: root nodule) of Genista (a type of broom plant)]


(ˈbrumˌreɪp, ˈbrʊm-)

any of various parasitic plants living on the roots of broom and other plants.
[1570–80; partial translation of Medieval Latin rāpum genistae tuber of the broom plant]
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12] investigated the effect of soil solarization as a non-chemical method for controlling Broom-rape (Orobanche) Weeds in greenhouse cucumber and the results showed that the yield of fruit in parts with treatment increased from 133% up to 258%; while, in control group without using solarization treatment the density of Broom-rape (Orobanche) Was very high which caused bad growth of the fruit and the final crop.