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(brɔˈsɑrd, -ˈsɑr)

a town in S Quebec, in E Canada: suburb of Montreal. 57,441.
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For his part, Cultural Attache at the French Embassy in Kuwait Francois Brossard stressed that the French diplomatic mission here is ready to enhance cultural exchange with Kuwait and offer all facilities in this regard.
Infinity Helicopter Leasing (IHL) said it has announced the lease of two new AgustaWestland AW109SP aircraft to Airmedic, a Canadian air medical operator headquartered in Brossard, Quebec.
Their topics include English translations of Pushkin's Eugene Onegin, translation from Gallo to French in Brittany's hospitals, Assam as a case study of translation and dialectic of continental crossroads, what translating Indian language proverbs contributes to translation theory, an Indian perspective on accommodation in translation, and feminist translation in Nicole Brossard.
As was the case this year, besides having matches in Kahnawake, some of the 2014 NAHC contests will be staged in nearby Brossard.
Kathleen Livingstone, 78, was stabbed to death by distant relative Ellen Dennett, 59, in Brossard, Montreal, in 2011.
Incorporating Brossard into the Bakery Products' Division has been a great success.
Guadalajara, Mexico; Brossard (Montreal), Canada; Leipzig, Germany; Shanghai, China and Sao Paufo, Brazil.
Security researcher Jonathan Brossard created a proof-of-concept hardware backdoor called Rakshasa that replaces a computer's BIOS (Basic Input Output System) and can compromise the operating system at boot time without leaving traces on the hard drive.
com, or Nora Brossard, +1-212-402-1640, Cell: +1-646-303-9663, norab@spring-obrien.
Kathleen Livingstone's body was found in the basement of her home in Brossard in Montreal, Canada, at the weekend.
Cecile Brossard told a jury in Geneva that her rich lover Edouard Stern, 50, had called her a whore during a sex bondage game.
Plot and character in the novel that Anne is slowly writing, and the one by Brossard that we are reading, are entangled, their conclusions similarly provocative.