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(brɔˈsɑrd, -ˈsɑr)

a town in S Quebec, in E Canada: suburb of Montreal. 57,441.
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BROSSARD, Quebec - Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty has a severe concussion and a fractured vertebra from a frightening hit by Boston's Zdeno Chara that will not draw further discipline from the NHL.
Subsequent to the quarter-end, Krispy Kreme has opened six additional stores in Rockland, Quebec, Cranston, RI, El Paso, TX, Seattle, WA, Sioux Falls, SD and San Antonio, TX and one commissary in Brossard, Quebec.
The indictment alleges that Steven Sarti, 23, of Brossard, Quebec, was the principal leader and organizer of a large-scale drug trafficking operation that smuggled marijuana and currency from Canada to the U.
National is a private company incorporated under the laws of Quebec with an office in Brossard, Quebec that was founded in 1941.
BROSSARD, Quebec, March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- AceExpert 3 is a dream come true for Web designers that want a HTML editor which is simpler and easier to use.