Brown Bess

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the old regulation flintlock smoothbore musket, with bronzed barrel, formerly used in the British army.

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Ian Watkinson (pictured) 69 rider of Night Nurse & Sea Pigeon; Ken Morgan 58 rider of Classical Charm & Carvill's Hill; Randy Winick 68 trainer of La Spia & Brocco; Chuck Jenda 71 trainer of Brown Bess & New Advantage; Gerald Ham 68 trainer of Guiburn & Bridie's Pride; Jesse Campbell 40 rider of Apart & Midnight Aria; Steve Robinson 61 head groundsman at Newbury; Mark Giles 66 former Michael Stoute work-rider; Liam Corcoran 40 former Somerset trainer; Jean-Rene Auvray 49 former Upper Lambourn trainer; Stewart Pike 69 former Sidmouth permitholder; Nicky Byrne 39 former owner with Tommy Stack; Chris Burton 27 Jockey Club regional business development executive; Sir Sam Cowan 76 former trustee of Racing Welfare HORSE PLAY ANSWERS Easy as 1-2-3 1.
The Flintlock Musket: Brown Bess & Charleville 1715-1865 by Stuart Reid analyzes the flintlock musket as one of the iconic weapons in history.
David Clark UE gave a talk and demonstration of the Brown Bess Musket used by our ancestors in the American Revolutionary War.
She made it clear that it's a Brown Bess Musket and if you look closely, there is a small, silver circle on it that includes an engraving of the crown of King George III.
So furious was Cook that he shot the volumes of Hawkesworth with his Brown Bess musket.
Our classic gun test subject is the Brown Bess musket, and, finally, Richard Nance talks about shoot/don't shoot situations.
All were India Pattern Brown Bess muskets adopted by the British Army in 1793.
Goldstein and Mowbray present a pattern-by-pattern, full-color collector's guide to the Brown Bess musket, organized chronologically by pattern date.
Despite the fact that he lived in an era of empire, barely advanced militarily from the Brown Bess flintlock and solid shot cannon ball, his poetic concepts of his fellow Britishers who bore arms in a helluva lot of the world, more than a century ago, could still be applied today.
This line includes Snider Enfield rifles, Martini Henry rifles, Brown Bess muskets, Gurkha Kukris and accessories.
Her contemporary Brown Bess is second with $1,300,920.
I have about 20 books that I want to read and my wife bought me a Brown Bess musket dating from 1790 for my 60th birthday,' he added