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A piece of industrial or commercial property that is abandoned or underused and often environmentally contaminated, especially one considered as a potential site for redevelopment.


(Sociology) (modifier) denoting or located in an urban area that has previously been built on: Hampshire has many brownfield developments.


an industrial or commercial site that is idle or underused because of real or perceived environmental pollution.


[ˈbraʊnfiːld] ADJ [site, land] → previamente urbanizado
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Prior to brownfields legislation, owners could be held liable for cleanup of existing site contamination, both known and unknown, sometimes regardless of whether they were the responsible party Brown fields legislation has helped to alleviate some of those fears through provisions that help shield developers from cleanup liabilities while still protecting the public.
The program offers real estate developers, municipalities and States a multi-faceted program that will spur growth of development of real estate classified as brown fields.
The BOAs are areas that have a concentration of brown fields and will receive priority state funding.
As the environmental debate has moved from green to brown fields, it is time to add grey buildings to the agenda: a generation of redundant buildings that sit empty and abandoned in the shadow of an apparently relentless new generation of office developments.