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Brown Shirt

or brown·shirt (broun′shûrt′)
1. A Nazi, especially a storm trooper.
2. A racist, especially a violent, right-wing one.

[Translation of German Braunhemd : braun, brown + Hemd, shirt.]



1. a storm trooper in Nazi Germany.
2. (sometimes l.c.) a Nazi.
[1930–35; so called from the color of the uniform shirt]
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Noun1.Brownshirt - a member of the Nazi SA which wore brown uniforms
SA, Storm Troops, Sturmabteilung - Nazi militia created by Hitler in 1921 that helped him to power but was eclipsed by the SS after 1943
Deutschland, FRG, Germany, Federal Republic of Germany - a republic in central Europe; split into East Germany and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990
German Nazi, Nazi - a German member of Adolf Hitler's political party
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In an attempt to force Adolf Hitler to admit under oath that his National Socialist Party sanctioned Brownshirt violence, Litten called him as a witness.
In 2007, Szegedi had helped to form the Hungarian Guard, a brownshirt organization whose iconography deliberately, and frighteningly, echoed that of the World War II-era Hungarian Fascist Arrow Guard.
Were tougher in the end than the brownshirt bully-boys, and smarter too:
Rolf knew things had changed when his teacher wore a Nazi brownshirt uniform instead of a suit.
The will to believe the Official DSK Story, complicated by a storm of confusing testimony outlining his shadowy sexual past, was enough to deprive the man of any hope of a fair trial anywhere; the Brownshirt blogosphere has seen to that.
And so we know that Bruno joined the party very early; that he was a brownshirt, or member of the SA, the paramilitary thugs who fought street battles with communists in the 1920s; that he carried out the occasional murder of a Social Democrat and intimidated opponents.
Like the best photomontages of John Heartfield (think of his Pan-German, 1933, with brownshirt Julius Streicher standing proudly astride a bloodied victim of Nazi street violence), Braun's war tableaux hold us, without mercy, to account.
Max Mosley is no saint; he's been described as a 'rather odious character' and his father led British Brownshirt Nazis before the War, but he has done nothing wrong - although Mrs Mosley might take a different view - by paying prostitutes to smack him around.
with the jackbooted Brownshirt and the flea-inquiring Joseph K.
I was scared; the incident gave new meaning to the term brownshirt, but I wasn't hurt.
In India, the "saffronisation" of Hindu society is bringing to the fore a new version of Mussolini's brownshirt fascism.
1934: Hundreds are killed when Hitler mounts Night of the Long Knives against his own Brownshirt stormtroopers.